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Welcome to The Asperger

A new voice is born.

An online newspaper written by Aspies for everyone. Articles will cover a wide range of issues written from the perspective of someone with Asperger's syndrome. Content will include the regular news items you would expect from any newspaper and so much more. From life stories everyone goes through, to experiences that are exclusive to those with Asperger's and a section dedicated to light-hearted humour where we take aim at society's misconceptions. 

The Asperger does not aim to write articles that could be specifically recognisable as being from an Aspie - it will be incidental in many cases. The driving force behind creating this site is to give people with Asperger's syndrome a voice. To have an outlet which can reach a wider audience. To create something that is interesting and entertaining to read. To counter the stereotyping and negative stigmata coming from the misinformed media. And finally to educate.

You will read a whole range of different perspectives in The Asperger, this is because Aspies are just as diverse as any other group of people you could care to mention. We are not all Rain Main. We are not all children who grow out of it when we're older. We are not all socially awkward geeks. There are millions of people out there with Asperger's, all living their own life in their own world. Welcome to The Asperger.

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