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The Asperger Needs You!

Looking for writers of any ability level who have Asperger's syndrome.

We are looking for anyone with AS to come and join the writing staff here at The Asperger. We welcome all ability levels and have a wide range of topics, so whatever you want to write about come and drop me a line through evil_budgie(at)

Examples of articles we are looking for are every day life experience whether specific to Aspies or not, news about people with Asperger's. Commentary on press coverage, news items, hot topics and the like. Humorous takes on society from an Aspie perspective, including parodies. Graphical design or imagery will also be helpful.

Writers with a specialist background in journalism or anything to do with Asperger's would be particularly welcome. But we would like a full spectrum of staff, to help give a truer representation of Aspies.

Writing is on a voluntary basis and there is no commitment to provide regular content.  

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